map.jpgThe Emperor Strephon, Empress Iolanthe and the Grand Princess Iphegenia were assassinated on 132-1116 by Dulinor, Archduke of Ilelish. An Aslan ambassador, Yerlyaruiwo, was also killed during this assassination as he tried to defend the Grand Princess. Dulinor escaped the palace in his near perfect assassination plot and quickly reemerged back in Illelish claiming the throne by right of assassination.
That same day, a second assassin was killed in an attempt on the twin sons of the Emperor. The older twin, Varian, was killed in the attempt along with a female companion and a bodyguard. The younger twin, Lucan, survived. Reportedly, a second assassin escaped the twin brother’s chambers and is now at large – he was an Imperial Navy Intelligence Officer named Windhook.
These events occurred over a year and a half ago and the ripple of chaos would slowly migrate outward from the Core. The Diapora public would not learn of them until 7 months after the fact. The Diaspora Imperial Fleet would know five months after the assassination (two months before the public) and remain quiet as they attempted to sort through the overall confusion over who now controls the Imperium. This would negate any coherent actions.
The Solmani Confederation would also know of these events and their actions would be much more coherent … and swift.

Shadow Wars

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