Shadow Wars

Col Heart's Story

As your meeting with Col Heart concludes. Col Heart turns to Melvin and Kowalski asking you to stay a few minutes longer. Once everyone else has departed, Col Heart types briefly into his computer and a holographic video appears in front of you. The video appears to be surveillance video of a saloon. It quickly become very familiar to Melvin. There is no sound, but you watch as Melvin briefly talks to a man at the bar, he smiles and with lightning speed, drives a knife into the side of his neck and gently rest his head on the bar. Melvin turns to walk out and Col Heart pauses the video on a still frame of Melvin’s face. “Toombs, you are wanted for murder on more than a dozen worlds. I have invested too much money to give up on you now – your actions are intolerable and will not be accepted under my employ. You have foolishly let your rage for vengeance cloud your better judgement. I require that you have patience and only then, by doing this smartly will we get our revenge.
Oh yes, I have as much need for revenge as you do but now is not the time. I was on Core the day of the Emperors assassinations visiting my youngest daughter. You see, she was engaged to be married to Prince Varrian. I entered the prince’s chambers with security soon after Varrian’s assasination to see my daughter lying in a pool of her own blood next to him and I was enraged. I began hunting for Windhook myself and my security teams caught him. I nearly killed him on the spot but I listened to his story and he convinced me that something was not right. I investigated deeper and with the help of some of my security contacts found the unaltered security tapes. On those tapes, the actual assassin enters and kills the body guard stationed in the parlor. Windhook responds quickly and kills the would be assassin. It is about this time that internal communications start alerting personnel to the assassination of Emperor Strephon which comes over the bodyguards radiolink as he lies on the floor. Lucan must have seen this as his opportunity to become emperor in one fell swoop as he picks up the assassins weapon, shoots his brother Varian and then shoots my daughter. Windhook escapes before Lucan can turn his weapon on him. The video then shows Lucan standing over my daughter and shooting her two more time just for the pleasure of it. After reviewing the tapes, I arranged for Windhook’s escape with Yewario. I have used his knowledge and my copy of the tapes to build my contacts and my base. I have quietly held my rage for a long time and I will continue to hold it until the time is right.
Unlike you Melvin, I have bidded my time and I am building up my resources so that when I strike out for my revenge I will be successful and I won’t destroy what is left of the imperium in the process. So Melvin, if you can put your rage aside for now, we can see this through. Of course, some day you will have to atone for your actions as we all eventually do.
Kowalski, you needed to see this and know who you are dealing with. I believe Melvin is on the precipice and will need your help to make it back.


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