Shadow Wars

Meeting at the Heart Corporation

You head to the Corinth System, Subsector M, Delphi Sector (Hex 0732) . Your directions send you to a Office complex not too far from the Starport. Eventually you all arrive in the antechamber and see each other for the first time in years.
Once all together, the receptions see you into his office. In this beautiful chamber with vaulted ceilings and a curved window for a wall looking out over the Corinth Sea, you see Colonel Heart , now in a business suit, talking with Oleana Thornwood and Yewario.
Ah come in gentlemen! Have a seat. You remember Capt Thornwood and Yewario yes? There is a third man there that each of your recognize as a Hortalez del Cie employee. For Melvin, he was with the doctors that explained to you your status when you woke from the coma. For Jenner, he was the man to whom you handed the egg. For Manny, he was one of the scientists that helped you with Project 126 and for Kowalski, he accompanied you on several of your defense consulting expeditions around Margaret’s domain. Colonel Heart introduces him simply as Adaam.
Col Heart: I would like you to escort a merchant convoy to the Dephrapur system. On board are some critical technologies to get our corporate offices up and running there. I am going to provide you access to one of my finest new ships built courtesy of Hortalez del Cie and a great crew. Olena with her ship Starfire will lead the merchant ships.
Along the way, the merchants may pick up other cargo and passengers to fill their cargo holds. There are six merchant ships (5 + Starfire) in the convoy. (Can carry a total of 36 passengers and 480 Tons of cargo.)
I will pay you 50K credits per merchant ship the makes it to Dephrapur plus you’ll get 5% of any profits they make on their cargo along the way. Once you have completed the delivery, I would like you to venture deeper into the Diaspora Sector and survey opportunities for trade and goodwill. You’ll have to convince the merchants to continue along with you, they are independent contractors like yourselves, and have only signed on for the Dephrapur mission. I believe the Diapora Sector is the key to bridging the gap between Margaret’s domain here in Delphi and Archduke Craig in Deneb. I hope to aid Diaspora in regaining their stability, organize them, get trade flowing again and formulate a friendly bridge between Margaret and Craig. In addition there is a mighty fine profit to be made in there for souls brave enough to seek it out.
What do you say?
Destination #1 Dephrapur System, Subsector D, Diaspora (Hex 3102) (7 Jump-2)


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