The Marine


Untrained=d4e-2; guts=d6e; Stealth=d8e; Persuasion=d6e; Notice=d8e; Survival=d6e, Shooting d8, Fighting d8
Agility d10 Vigor d10
Toughness 7
Armor 8
Throwing d4
Spacer, Zero-G Combat, Courage under Fire, Demolitions, Trademark Weapon Rifle
Code of Honor, Heroic, Loyal


Imperial_Domain_Map.bmp324-1118 was the day Windhook slipped through the clutches of the Imperial Navy.
The Apollo docked for repairs after the Mercenary Battle over Windhook. At the same time Colonel Heart’s trial is in full motion with you as a hostile witness for the prosecution. Your stonewalling infuriates the prosecution and you are jailed briefly for contempt. In the end, the prosecution drops you as a witness and you are freed. By 56-1119, the trial is over with Colonel Heart’s acquittal. You observe that this trial is amazingly swift, but then again, attention is now much more focused on the devastation occurring in the Dagudashaag and Zarushagar Sectors as the forces of Lucan and Dulinor clash in earnest. The repairs on the Apollo are also completed around this time and she readies to get underway to join the rest of the Diaspora Fleet leaving system to fight Dulinor’s forces in Zurushagar Sector. You, Manny and Dr. Gordon are refused permission to board the Apollo by Captain Barbossa. Considering you traitors, he wants you nowhere near his ship. As a result, you watch dirtside as the Apollo gets underway to wreak vengeance upon the assassin of her Emperor. Soon after the departure of the Apollo, you get your new orders to report to the Massila Sector Fleet. Soon after arriving at your new duty station, you read about the annihilation of the Apollo along with about 60% of the old Diaspora Fleet in the first wave of attacks within the Zarushagar sector. The news is mind numbing as you absorb the amount of destruction taking place in Zurushagar including the deaths of many of the Marines you have led into battle.
Your new assignment is as the executive officer of the Marine Detachment on board the Battleship McGreggor. It is readying for service with the 65th BatRon Fleet, Massila Sector which is heading Spinward to battle Dulinor’s forces. Kowalski’s first foray into Zarushagar begins with great success. Army and Marine Forces launch a massive invasion targeting the dirtside Starport and orbital Naval Facilities of Dothama, Subsector L. With heavy causualties, the planets defense forces are eventually subdued and your forces celebrate a great victory. Having captured this planet, Lucan’s forces have a strategic foothold where attacks can be launched even deeper into the sector. The significance of this victory is so obvious that it completely baffles you and the other ground forces when you are order to abandon your objectives and return shipside. It will not be until much later that you learn that the emperor Lucan, himself, is dabbling in military decisions and much of the admiralty is just as frustrated. Once the invasion forces are back on board and the ships refueled, the fleet jumps deeper into sector only to be ambushed by Dulinor’s fleet near some strategically insignificant star system named Zigme. Battle losses are heavy on both sides. When it is over the battleship McGreggor, limps back to Masilla Sector along with just a handful of the original fleet with nothing to show for their efforts. In 1121, Lucan has enough strength to make one final large scale invasion attempt and it occurs into the Gushemege sector against Strephon’s forces. The McGreggor is still in star dock undergoing repairs when this invasion occurs. Lucan’s forces devastate Strephon’s stronghold and nearly kill Strephon though he takes heavy losses in the process. Soon after the attack, you read that Strephon has refused a DNA test by the Imperial Regency of Intelligence and Security (IRIS) to determine his authenticity as the true emperor. Though Strephon survives, the weakness of his remaining forces and his failure to take the DNA test eliminate all possibility that he could contest the throne. After a brief respite, what’s left of the Lucan’s Massila Fleet consolidates for another push into the Zarushagar sector against Dulinor. By 1122, tactics have changed. The Fleet has adopted a scorched earth policy, leaving no resources behind for Dulinor’s forces to use. As the fleet enters its first assault under these new tactics, the Captain of the McGreggor refuses to employ nuclear weapons against the civilian population of an unsuspecting world. As a result, the captain is relieved of duty, carted off to Core Sector as a traitor and sentenced to death by firing squad. The new captain is a bloodthirsty, unimaginative Lucan loyalist who reflects the growing number of people taking leadership positions in Lucan’s military forces. You and your Marines are kept as defenders against boarding parties since there is no longer a mission for them to capture starports or military facilities. You watch helplessly as the new bloodthirsty captain savors the destruction of entire worlds as the fleet passes.
Word spreads that the Imperial Regency of Intelligence and Security (IRIS) has declared Margaret the highest ranking legitimate noble in the Imperium and brands Lucan as the Usurper, disallowing his claim to the throne. Soon after, it is reported that the Grand Admiral Irinea Shashurra has been arrested by Lucan for cowardace and impudence and is sentenced to death. Other arrests of senior Navy and Army leaders are made. The Nobles that remain in the Moot are stripped of their titles and replaced by individuals of unknown heredity. You have very little time to contemplate the meaning of these events as the battles still rage in Zarushagar. In late 1122, Dulinor’s fleet slips past the Massila fleet and into Massila Sector wreaking havoc in its wake. Your ship along with a handful of others is ordered back into Massila to pursue. Arriving in Kaggushus , you see the destruction delivered by Dulinor’s fleet. The Imperial repair depot is burning in a decayed orbit and is only hours from entering the planet’s atmosphere. Manny was stationed at this depot and you wonder if he has survived. Distress signals from the planet are ignored by the McGreggor as it analysis the Jump trace of Dulinor’s fleet and continues pursuit. You finally catch up with them in the Sargshad System and the battle is drawn. Your team of Marines launch on a Gazelle Close Escort busily engaging Dulinor’s Rampart fighters and set to board a Destroyer Escort which after a pitched battle falls into your hands. From the bridge of this vessel, you watch as the battle rages, both sides are suffering incredible losses. The McGreggor is crippled and floats listlessly in space. Without giving it much though, you pick a system on the map and order the captive crew to prepare for jump. You also relay the coordinates to the Gazelle. The crew jumps trailing to the Wondrous System, a frontier protectorate of Margaret’s domain.
After you make contact with local defense forces and they get over the shock of seeing one of Lucan’s Military Ships jumping in system along side one of Dulinor’s Destroyer Escorts, you are put under heavy fighter escort until you star dock. You are met by a representative of the local government along with a representative of the Megacorporation Hortalez et Cie which has a significant industrial presence in this system. You are treated as a guest, though the ships along with your weapons and armor are confiscated for everyone’s safety. You are debriefed for several days. Solomon Keys, the Hortalez et Cie representative is genuinely interested in your experiences and what is taking place beyond Margaret’s frontier. Eventually, you and your Marines are released and free to go on your way although your weapons are not returned. As you are taking stock of your remaining gear and packing to depart, unsure where you will go next, Solomon approaches you about a need for security consultants to help him improve security of Hortalez et Cie assets in Margaret’s stronghold. He tells you the pay will be good as he hands you back your plasma blade.
Taking the job, you spend the next year travelling around the Delphi Sector assessing the condition of Hortalez et Cie facilities. The magnitude and diversity of businesses that this Megacorporation is involved in is nothing short of incredible. You learn that in 1121, Hortalez et Cie made arrangements with 4 Vilani based Megacorporations to swap a majority of their assets in the section of Vland with these Corporation’s assets in Delphi, Old Expanses, Daibei and Spinward Marches. A staggering amount of capital assets changed hands – starports, continent-sized industrial sectors, natural resource rights, thousands of smaller factories and businesses. You also learn that a good number of the Megacorporations have flocked to Margaret’s domain because of her solid economic savvy and political acumen. She is married to Count Blaine Trulla Tukera (of the Tukura Lines MegaCorporation).
You are almost beginning to feel normal again as a peaceful year passes washing away the horrors of war. You feel content, though something seems to be missing … it is about this time that you receive a personal message from the CEO of The Heart Corporation asking to meet with you regarding some future employment.
It is currently day 005 of the year 1125.


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