The Architect


+ 4 to armor vs Lasers
Untrained=d4e-2; Notice=d8e; Pilot=d6e; Repair=d12e; Computers=d10e; Robotics=d6e; Naval Archetecture=d6e
Vigor d8 Smarts d12 strength d4
Toughness 6 (4)
Fighting d4e-2
Shooting d4
Luck, Engineer, Jack of all Trades, McGyver, Starship Operations, Spacer
Curious, Enemy, Stubborn


Imperial_Domain_Map.bmpThe Apollo is docked for repairs from the Mercenary Battle over Windhook. At the same time Colonel Heart’s trial is in full motion with you a spectator. By 56-1119, the trial is over with Colonel Heart’s acquittal. You observe that this trial is amazingly swift, but then again, attention is now much more focused on the devastation occurring in the Dagudashaag and Zarushagar Sectors as the forces of Lucan and Dulinor clash in earnest. The repairs on the Apollo are also completed around this time and she readies to get underway and join the rest of the Diaspora Fleet leaving system to fight Dulinor’s forces in Zurushagar Sector. Manny, Kowalski and Dr. Gordon are refused permission to board the Apollo by her Captain. As a result, you watch dirtside as the Apollo gets underway to wreck vengeance upon the assassin of her Emperor. Soon after the departure of the Apollo, you get your new orders to report to the Massila Sector Fleet. Soon after arriving at your new duty station, you read about the annihilation of the Apollo along with about 60% of the old Diaspora Fleet in the first wave of attacks within the Zarushagar sector. The news is mind numbing as you absorb the amount of destruction taking place. You are assigned to the massive Imperial Navy Depot Glouster orbiting the planet Kaggushus, the Massila sector capital. Manny works feverishly on the stream of ships the flow back from battles for repairs. Initially the pace is overwhelming but Manny adjusts to the rhythm and toward the end of 1120, the stream of ships seems to subside as the roster of ships destroyed in battle continues to grow. When Manny eventually has time to breathe, he reflects on all the great warships that have passed under his welding torch, the Akino, Duke, Myriad, Cristo, Xanadu and Virshun along with a hundred other ships that he can’t remember the names of. By 1121, the Imperium Fleet has been reduced to fewer than 95 numbered fleets and 130 reserve fleets from her original 320 of each. Most of these remaining fleets are at 60% strength or less. Manny sees supplies dwindling and it has become more difficult to repair the fleet. If the Navy his having this challenge with resources, Manny wonders, what are the world populations going through.
The shining light in Manny’s life is a beautiful local woman named Issalia he met working at the Depot. In early 1122, Manny goes planetside with Issalia to meet her parents and request her hand in marriage. While he is down on the planet, Dulinor’s fleet arrives in system and the sky erupts with beautiful awesome destruction. Mayhem ensues on the planet. Glouster can be seen clearly buring in the sky, it’s orbit decaying, it is only a matter of time before it penetrates the atmosphere and disintegrates into millions of pieces. Using his navy contacts, Manny finds an evacuating shuttle to get Issalia and her family off planet as he stays behind to defend it. It will be the last time he sees her. Nuclear weapons rain down on the planet wreaking havoc to population and industrial centers. The planet’s atmosphere is inundated with radioactive dust which will leave this planets soil unusable for generations. You and a small group of survivors led by an employee of the MegaCorporation Hortalez et Cie head underground to corporation storage warehouses to ride out the storm. You remain here for several months. When you do finally surface, Elijiah contacts his company and within weeks a transport arrives to deliver as many survivors as it can off planet. The survivors head for Anaxias, deep in the territory of Margaret.
You have developed a strong friendship with Elijah and have many things in common including a love for technology, inventing and working with your hands. Elijah introduces you to many of his coworkers at Hortalez et Cie, most of whom are scientists. They begin to include you in on the projects they are working on and eventually ask if you will consult. Most of the projects revolve around enhancing starship technology and robotics. The work is fascinating. The tools and technology within the Hortalez et Cie facilities rival anything you have seen in imperial navy facilities with some of their experimental technology being entirely new to you. As you are progressing in your studies on stealth composites, miniaturization and modulation when a new ship is brought in for design study. The ship is a standard Gazelle Class Close Escort. You are told that the ship was part of Dulinor’s fleet that was brought in by some Marine who defected from Lucan’s forces. The ship is called Project 126. Your team begins by stripping down the ship to just a frame and building it back up again. The skin is replaced with an enhanced coherent super dense metal that you have never worked with before. The computer infrastructure is state of the art. With concern for parts availability, maneuver and jump drives are designed with common technology though they have fuel efficiency unrivaled in Imperium warships leaving room aboard the ship for other things. You also include advanced screens and armor. Deciding that resupply is uncertain, the design team avoids missiles as weaponry, opting instead for simple yet elegant Lasers and particle accelerators. Communications and sensors are all top notch, enabling this ship to passively detect anything with a 400 ton or greater displacement throughout the system. With active sensors that could pinpoint much smaller ships and also calculate their power output giving a seasoned operator the ability to calculate the jump and maneuver capabilities of target ships and possibly even their weaponry. You equip this ship with jammers as well giving it the ability to jam both communications and another ship’s active sensors. In addition to your work on Project 126, you spend a good deal of time on starship modules enabling standard designs to be configured with equipment for different mission sets. The main line that Hortalez et Cie is working on is modular scouts that can be configured for mission such as ground survery, orbital survery, Diplomatic missions, Disaster Relief, Starship repair among other trade missions. Modules are also being designed to be used in Merchant Ships. You main love, however , is Project 126 and you spend nearly two years of your life redesigning this ship. It is bitter sweet, when the ship is completed and you are told it will be going into service for one of Hortalez et Cie’s subsidiary companies. It is like losing a child when you finally are forced to say goodbye.
Absorbed in a cloud of depression, you head home to drown your sorrows. There is a message for you. The message is from the CEO of The Heart Corporation asking to meet with you regarding some future employment.
It is currently day 005 of the year 1125.


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