Gazelle Class Close Escort


The surface of the Pegasus appears as if it has been distressed to show more wear and tear than a newly rebuilt ship should show. Internally the ship is state of the art. The ship’s computer named EDI remembers Manny from the many months he laboriously worked on her. EDI runs a state of the art Anti-Hijack program. She monitors the health of the crew and can tell if they are distressed. She can also detect any life signs that don’t belong and will take measures to isolate them within the ship. If given authority by the ship’s master, she will use lethal force against intruders. She can also take over the guns from human gunners but this is not efficient. She only fires at d4e and this also prevents her from running some of her more sophisticated programs such as auto-predict, anti-missle, auto/evade, ECM, Pinpoint targeting, Diagnostics among others. EDI has the following programs constantly running which only be deactivated through a physical change to her operating system: Weapons Systems, Anti-Hijack, Personality interface. Her remaining 6 processing points can run programs interchangeably using verbal commands. She will automatically stop the lowest priority program as set by the ship’s master if requested to run a new program. Manny knows this ship like nothing else and is obsessed with it. As such he gains as +1 to any skill used to operate the ship: includes pilot, computer, repair, and shooting. On the downside, Manny has a chance to be shaken any time the ship takes a wound. (Must make a smarts roll or be shaken).


400 Ton Gazelle Class Escort (Streamlined) (Large Size)
Maneuver: 5G; Power plant: 6; Jump: 4; Agility 1
Computer: 9bis (x3)
Cargo: 17 tons; Fuel: 30 tons (2 Jumps); Crew: 1
Defenses: Armor 2 toughness
Toughness 35 (10)
Shields (70)
Deflector Screens (-2 to hit for ballistic attacks)
Sloped Armor (-2 damage for ballistic attacks)
Electromagnetic Shielding (
6 toughness vs EMP)
2 Triple Beam Laser Turrets
(Range: 4/6/12; Damage: 5d10 AP 12) Each Raise is 1d6 Dam
2 Particle Accelerator turrets
(Range: 2/4/8; Damage 6d8
2 AP 20) Each Raise is +2d6 Dam
Craft: 1 gunned gig 20 tons, 3 crew

Gazzelle Class Type CE Close Escort Pegasus.// TL 15 MCr 450.95 // Hull Displacement 400 tons //Fusion Power Plant 6390 Mw // Duration=250 hours// Fuel Scoops// Purifiers=24hrs// EMMask// 1 x Jump 4 // Maneuver 5g // Agility 1// Communications = Radio – Syst x 1, Laser-Syst x1 , Maser-Syst x 1. Radio Jammer – System x 1 // Sensors = A-EMS (FrOb)x1, A-EMS Jammer (FrOb) x 1, P-EMS (IntStler) x 1, Hi-Dnst-E (250m) x 1, Neutrino-E (10 Kw) x 1// Weapons = Triple Beam Laser x 2 (4d10 each) 45,000km range, Particle Accelerator x 2 (2d12 each) 30,000 km range//Computer=Model 9 × 3, Panels=Holographic Linked x586 , Lge holo x1, HUD holo x5// Basic Env(heat/light, Basic LS (air/water), Ext LS (food/recyc) , Airlock x4, Grav plates , Inertial Comp// Stateroom x7, Std sickbay x1//SubCraft = gunned gig, 20 tons, 3 crew, TL 9// Other: Cargo=224 Kl/17 tons, EMLevel=Low Fuel=2,575 Kl/191 tons, ObjSize=Average One jump requires 177 KL/13 tons of fuel// AntiHijack = Basic software x 1, Camera eye x 80, + passive InfraRed x 80, + light intensifier x 80, Hatch controllers x 1, Gravity controllers x 1, Laser pistol x 80



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