Savage Traveller Skills

All Savage Worlds skills are used in Savage Traveller. Using skills on starships requires the Starship Operations Edge. The following Knowledge skills are particularly useful in Savage Traveller.

Knowledge (Computer) The character is well versed in advanced computer systems. He is adept at configuring, repairing and programming such systems. Characters with the Starship Operations Edge can use their Knowledge (Computers) to perform jump calculations, operate sensor systems and communicators, and report on various starship systems.

Knowledge (Forgery) The character knows how to produce and detect forged identification documents. In conjunction with Knowledge (Computers), forged electronic signatures and passes can be produced or detected. Make note of the roll made to produce a forged item. Detecting a forgery requires a Notice at -2 or Knowledge (Forgery) roll opposed by the roll made to create the document.

Knowledge (Interstellar Cultures) The character has studied the field of Interstellar Cultures and will therefore know a lot about the various sentient species in the galaxy. This includes the major races (Humaniti, Zhodani, Vargr, Aslan, Hivers and Droyne) as well as the minor races of the character’s home sector.

Knowledge (Interstellar Commerce/Customs): The character is versed in the customs of his Interstellar Government and may use this skill when dealing with administrative issues, brokerage houses, or conducting interstellar trade. When used in foreign Societies, a penalty of -2 to -6 may be imposed depending on the similarities to his own society.

Knowledge (Interstellar Law) The character has attended law school and is aware of the standard laws for her given society (whether it be Imperial, Vargr, Zhodani, etc.) She can use her Knowledge (Interstellar Law) at a -2 to -6 penalty when dealing with know alien societies (eg. a Vargr in Imperial space) depending on the similarities to his own society.

Knowledge (Naval Architecture) The character has been trained in the design and construction of interplanetary and interstellar vessels. This knowledge can be used when analyzing derelict starships or finding one’s way about a luxury liner. The character may be hired to create a detailed set of plans for a ship. This requires four weeks of work and pays 1% of the final ship cost. The character rolls his Knowledge (Naval Architecture) at the end of this period. On a failure, the client rejects the work and may request another plan or look elsewhere. On a success, the client will accept the work with minor corrections requiring one week. On a raise the client accepts the design as is.

Knowledge (Prospecting) The character has first hand experience at commercial mining in asteroid fields, methane ice worlds, dens jungle worlds, you name it. Prospecting knowledge can be used to establish the likelihood of a given mineral composition existing in a given area as well as to best establish how to extract it.

Knowledge (Robotics)
The character has studied the field of Robotics and understands how to create, program and manipulate robotic systems.

Savage Traveller Skills

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