Supply Packages


Desert Package: (supports 4 people) 1,000 Cr
Desert Camouflage

Desert Survival Equipment
Vehicle support +1000 Cr
Arctic Package: (supports 4 people) 2,000 Cr
Arctic Clothing and Camouflage
Arctic Climbing and survival

Vehicle support +2000 Cr
Jungle Package: (supports 4 people) 1,000 Cr
Jungle Camouflage
Jungle Survival Equipment
Vehicle support +1000 Cr

Aquatic Package: (support s 4 people) 5,000 Cr
Underwater Equipment

Personal Sensor Equipment (supports 4 people) 10,000 Cr
Night Vision, Infrared, Heat Sensors, Scopes, Binoculars, Audio Sniffers
Soil, Chemical Analysis
Range finders, GPS

Personal Communications Equipment (supports 4 people) 5,000 Cr
Short range, line of sight communications
Ship/Vehicle Link
Vehicle support +3000 Cr (Extends range to continental)

Medical Package (Doctor) 20,000 Cr
Personal Medical Scanner (+1 treat wounds)
Personal medical tools (need for healing)

Medical Package (Personal) 2,000 Cr 1 application.
Stabilization Kit (prevents bleeding out)
Temporary First Aid (Allows walking wounded)

Ammunition Package (Ship’s Locker) 2,000 Cr
Covers all personal Ammunition rqmts per mo.

Medical Stims Basic Disease/Poisen 1000 Cr. (prevents most animal borne sources) TL 7

Medical Stims Advanced Disease/Poisen 5000 Cr. (prevents most weaponized borne sources)

Medical Stims (Traits Basic) 1,000 Cr/Dose
Adrenaline TL 11 (+1D Strength or Agility) If wounded: Temp Soak Roll (1 wound +Vigor Roll). 5 Rounds. Each dose can only be used for each purpose per/day . Fatigued side effect – reduces trait by 1D for one day after initial effect.

Medical Stims (Traits Advanced) 5,000 Cr/Dose
Adrenaline TL 14 (as above but heals one wound permanently, 10 rounds) – No side effect.

Medical Stims (Regeneration) 10,000 Cr/Dose
Regeneration TL 15 (Heals wounds at 1 wound per hour up to 3 wounds)

Medical Stims (Sense Focus) 5,000 Cr/Dose
Sense Focus TL 12 – add +1 to notice (improves hearing and sight)
Or Improves low light vision

Medical Stims (Skill Focus) 5,000 Cr/Dose
Focus TL 13 – add 1D (or +1 for D12 skill) to selected skill for 5 rounds, side effect: reduces trait by 1D for
5 rounds after initial effect.

Medical Stims (Skill Focus Advanced) 10,000 Cr/Dose
Focus TL 15 – add 1D and +2 to selected skill for 10 rounds. No side effect

Personal Computer Package 5,000 Cr
Personal Data Assistant – Computer skill +1
Knowledge +1
Hacking support tools

Supply Packages

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