Automated Datacore Assistant Military Model (ADAMM)


ADAMM is a revolutionary cybernetic human who appears completely human in all except the most advanced medical and security scans. Routine scans at TL 12 and below will not identify his true nature. His design includes sub dermal armor (2 Armor Bonus), an aquatic package enabling him to breath oxygen filled water, Filters making him immune to poisen, airborne toxins, and allow him to operate in low oxygen conditions. an adrenal surge pack (2 from being shaken), an Autodoc, a communicator enabling him to communicate with on board ship AI as well as Radio wave and laser beam based communications, a cyberjack, Leg enhancements giving him +2 pace and d10 run, Arm enhancements making him ambidextrous, Cybernetic eyes providing 50x magnification, thermal and low light vision, A targeting eye providing +2 to shooting and a targeting system which negates up to 2 points of shooting penalties, 6 skill chips slots currently equipped with Healing, Piloting, Boating, Repair, Fighting and Shooting. His basic programming includes Computers, Notice, Knowledge of Cultures and Commerce, Climbing, Stealth and Investigation. Additionally, his consciousness is linked to other ADAMM models which enable instantaneous communication with them.



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